About this blog

Blogging about organs — not the musical kind — seems a little odd, but organ and tissue transplantation is a rapidly-developing area of medicine rich with questions of public policy and stories of surgical failures, scientific breakthroughs and near resurrections.

It may seem like an abstract topic at first, something you consider when renewing your drivers license. Think for a moment, though, about the people in your life. How many of them have donated or received an organ? (The answer, for me, is five: two living donors, two bone marrow recipients and the proud owner of a new kidney.)

What drives people to donate? What’s it like to recover from a transplant? How will the aging of the Baby Boomer population affect the supply and demand of organs? Who stands to profit from the organ trade? What guidelines dictate who gets transplants and how well are those guidelines working?

This blog aims to explore these questions through words, images and sounds. Feedback, comments and story ideas should be directed to me at mheckman32(at)gmail.com.

Photo credit: iStockPhoto.com. 


2 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. chongpu says:

    I really like the head photo. It totally matches the theme. ^_^

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